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Book and journal indexing, software for indexes

Indexing and re-indexing of books, journals and collected works, especially science and engineering but also history, biography, natural history.


Cindex indexing software is used.  Indexes can be supplied as RTF, QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign or tagged text files including XML, IXML, AAP, HTML, UCP or custom. Word embedded indexing is also undertaken.

Defect analysis and repair of MyMathLab HE online training material including mathematics, engineering and economics.

Developer and supplier of IndexConvert and IndexExploit.

IndexConvert is a Word add-in for reading book and other indexes into Cindex, Macrex, Sky, Index-Manager, a spreadsheet or a database. IndexConvert includes CharConvert and TextConvert to support diacritics entry into Macrex and Sky Index.

IndexExploit is a Word add-in that uses page numbers to find content in your PDFs using an index or a list of contents. 

IndexExploit will also find embedded indexed content in your Word documents. It can add embedded entries, re-sort an embedded index, re-range individual entries, move XE fields close to their referenced bookmarks and export an embedded index to a tab delimited file.

It can also export embedded index entries to an IndexConvert compatible file for import to an indexing program, this preserves fonts and styles.