IndexExploit is the add-in of choice for creating, editing and debugging Word embedded indexes.


IndexExploit is an add-in for creating and debugging Word embedded indexes. Index entries are used to speed indexing and to automatically find indexed content.

Document Navigation

IndexExploit uses a picklist created from embedded index entries to navigate a Word document and an index or page number list to locate content in one or more PDFs on a PC, a network, on the Internet, or on an intranet.


Index Creation and Debugging

The Mark Entry form indexes bookmarked ranges and insertion points. Bookmarking and index entry are accomplished from the same form. Un-indexed bookmarked ranges are found and can be indexed. Existing entries are exploited to enable autocomplete or a dropdown entry list. Document search supports  interactive indexing. Case, whole word, and regular expressions are supported.  Entries can be copied from a controlled list in another Word document. The same form can also be used to  debug an existing embedded index


AutoMark automatically appends highlighted trigger clauses to a selected AutoMark file. This can be adjusted and used to automatically index the text using Word Automark. Insertion point XE fields can all be removed by IndexExploit allowing the process to be repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved.


Index creates a Picklist. It is can also check for index coverage and structural defects in the embeds. Defects are bookmarked and included in a defect report. The index content can be exported to a tab delimited file.


Picklist behaves like a hyperlinked index.

Entries and associated bookmarks are found and can be edited in the text or removed. Bookmarked ranges can be resized.



Adjust is an automated process enabling the following changes to the embedded index entries.

 - Alter sort overrides in embedded entries by reference to a stop word file.

 - Alter insertion point embeds to range embeds.

 - Move XE fields close to referenced ranges

 - Alter bookmark prefixes and update referencing XE fields

 - Delete all insertion point XE fields (Complements AutoMark)

 - Delete all XE fields and referenced bookmarks



Export embedded index entries to an IndexConvert compatible file.



An index in a Word file is used to navigate to the PDF page. A single document or a suite of documents can be used.

Acrobat Pro DC or equivalent is required for PDFs on a computer or network. Nothing else is required if the files are on the Internet or an intranet.


See the downloads page for the user guide and to download IndexExploit.