IndexConvert is a Microsoft Word add-in used by indexers around the World.

It helps reverse engineer an index to a file that can be imported into Cindex, Macrex, Sky Index , Index-Manager, a spreadsheet or a database.

Many publications are updates of previous versions. Many societies and organisations have hard copy indexes built up over many years to journals and club bulletins and need to get them into electronic form. Converting to a Word format is part of the process. IndexConvert helps with the remainder by labelling headings and locator strings then converting the labelled document into a regular formatted structure for use by your software.

 Advanced pattern recognition and find/replace algorithms makes the process quick and accurate.

 Operation is interactive. You are asked questions like ‘Is this a level 1 heading?’ or ‘Is this a first locator?’

 IndexConvert includes TextConvert and CharConvert to speed text entry to Macrex and Sky Index v7.

 A trial download and user guide can be found on the downloads page.