Book Indexing and Software for Indexes

IndexConvert is a Microsoft Word add-in.

It helps convert an index in text or word processor format to a file that can be imported into Cindex v2 and v3, Macrex, Sky Index v7 and v8, Index-Manager and a spreadsheet or a database.

Advanced pattern recognition and find/replace algorithms make this add-in  fast and accurate. You can now convert indexes faster than ever before. A 8,000 entry index exported from an indexing program has been processed by IndexConvert and re-imported in less than an houre.  

Operation is interactive. You are asked questions like ‘Is this a level 1 heading?’ or ‘Is this a first locator?’

Audit helps to control the quality of the index by finding errors that would often be missed and supports enhancements by identifying missed labels.

Bold, italic, underline, subscript , superscript and smallcaps are labeled and can be recovered in your indexing program.

IndexConvert now includes TextConvert and CharConvert to speed text entry to Macrex and Sky Index.

IndexConvert includes special features for converting files exported from PDF.

A trial download and the user guide can be found on the downloads page.