Book Indexing and Software for Indexes


With so many people now using Word documents on screen the picklist capability provided by IndexExploit has made it an important add-in where rapid and accurate location of indexed content is important.

The IndexExploit picklist layout will be familiar to users of back of book indexes. An advantage of the picklist is that it stays in position as the document is being used. When the next index entry is required it is no longer necessary to return to the index section at the back of the book, just return to the picklist.

The IndexExploit picklist finds Word embedded index (XE) fields instantly. If they make use of a hyperlinked range then the range is found and highlighted, otherwise the region containing the XE field is highlighted.

IndexExploit is very versatile. It can be used to find indexed content in almost any Word file. No changes are required to the existing index and the Word file is not changed by IndexExploit. Word documents already published or held under configuration control,  can safely be used with IndexExploit.

Creation of the IndexExploit picklist can take a while for a large index. The picklist content is automatically saved to a tab delimited file and is re-used next time making IndexExploit a very quick and powerful tool for finding your way around an important document. The tab delimited file is spreadsheet compatible.

See the user guide in the downloads page for more information.