Book Indexing and Software for Indexes

IndexExploit is an add-in for Microsoft Word users wanting to use embedded index entries to find information, and for professional indexers and others wanting to create and debug embedded indexes.

It also works with Adobe Acrobat to locate content in one or more PDFs.

Insert Bookmark creates unique bookmarks by checking a new bookmark name against existing bookmarks and making an adjustment if the proposed new name is already in use. Embedded index entries can be created using this dialog.

Mark Entry indexes bookmarked ranges and locations. Un-indexed bookmarked ranges are found and can be indexed. Document search is available to support  interactive indexing of found terms. Case sensitive search, whole word search and regular expressions are all supported.

Index creates a Picklist. It is can also check for structural defects in the embeds. Defects are bookmarked and included in a defect report. The index content can be exported to a tab delimited file.


Auto Adjust

 - Alter sort overrides in embedded entries by reference to a stop word file.

 - Alter insertion point embeds to range embeds.

Picklist behaves like a hyperlinked index.

Entries and associated bookmarks are found and can be edited in the text or removed. Bookmarked ranges can be resized.


IExport embedded index entries to an IndexConvert compatible file. This supports imported of styled index content into indexing software.


An index in a Word file is used to navigate to the PDF page. A single document or a suite of documents can be used. 

Acrobat Pro DC or equivalent is required.

See the downloads page for more information.